What is Smashbooking?

I was introduced to Smashbooking on a fluke! While researching a scrapbooking alternative to traveler’s notebooks (I wanted a slightly larger size), I came across a Smashbook.  This spiral bound junk journal style notebook really caught my eye! There are a lot of different styles and designs, so I just purchased the pink one because…it’s pink!

Flipping through this particular book was exciting!  So many different pages to work with and very few blank, white pages.  I had to dive right in!  I was inspired to try a more casual approach to scrapbooking in this book.  Here are a few of the first pages I made:

img_6739 - copy

img_6740 - copy

As is explained in the very beginning of this book, it’s purpose is to document the everyday “smatterings” of life.  You can add journaling, doodles, photos, ephemera, stickers, etc.  Whatever you like!  There doesn’t need to be a design or any sign of perfection.  It’s simply made to have bits of your every day life “smashed” in!

It even comes with a pen and glue stick combo to make that “smashing” easy!

Check out my quick introduction and flip through of Smashbooking:

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