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Fun with Distress Oxides ~ Tips & Techniques

Distress Oxides are a fantastic new mixed media product that takes inks to a new level!  Ranger just released the last set of these fab ink pads, so a group of crafters (myself included) decided to celebrate by doing 4 weeks of tips and techniques using Distress Oxides.  Below are the ideas that I’ve shared, be sure to check out this series on Youtube to see what the other crafters have shared as well:

Mix with Modeling Paste

For this layout, I started with a patterned paper that had a mixed media look to it and then added to it!  The distress oxides I used were Wild Honey and Bundled Sage, mixing them separately with a little modeling paste.  The paste is white, so it does tone down the color of the ink, so keep that in mind!  Then, I spread each color through a stencil to create a really cool, messy background for my photo to rest on.


Watch this layout in action:

Use as Watercolor

Just add water and these inks function beautifully as watercolor!  To get that beautiful peachy-orange, I mixed Abandoned Coral and Wild Honey Distress Oxides together.  Then, I used Peacock Feathers for the blue at the top.  These colors mix really well and create a vibrant and opaque (solid) color. Once I had the colors I wanted, I just added a little water and brushed them onto the background, with some crazy splattering for fun!


Watch this layout in action:


On a black background

The beauty of Distress Oxides is how smoothly they blend and how opaque they are when added to a page.  In this layout, I’ve taken the Abandoned Coral (a very bright cherry red) and smooshed it directly onto the background, creating uneven stripes of color and then splattered it everywhere.  The color dries quite a bit lighter on a black background, so be sure to swatch the color onto a scrap in black first!


Watch this layout in action:


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