Using Scraps on a Layout

As many paper crafters discover, scraps can be a frustration!  Especially the small pieces of your favorite papers that it pains you to throw away.  While some of these pieces are still large enough to function as a photo mat or a central element on a future page, often these scraps are much too small!  So, what do you do?  Throw them away?  Or find a new use for them?

For me, that answer is use them!  So here are three layout ideas for using up those scraps!


For this layout, I punched and stenciled out hexagons, then paired them with texture paste through that same stencil to create a fun, colorful page!

Another idea, is to layer the scraps behind your photo to make a multi-layered mat or even to add banners underneath your photo:


Or with a grid layout style, you can use small scraps to create a quilt-like background:

file-6 (1)

Personally, I also like to use my scraps to make DIY embellishments for future layouts as well:


I hope this inspires you to use up your scraps in your crafty endeavors!

I’d love for you to join me on Instagram and my Youtube Channel, where I post process videos, DIY embellishment tutorials, and so much more crafty goodness!

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