Time for the Grab Bag Challenge!

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Have you ever been tempted to pick up a “Great Deal” on a mystery grab bag, but worried it would be filled with junk? I’m trying out some of the most popular Grab Bags from companies like Studio Calico, Paper Issues, and many more!  With each new bag, I face a brand new challenge!  Making as many projects with it as possible without too much pulling from  my stash (hint…I cheat a little sometimes).



Here’s my first attempt (with a Studio Calico bag) at this crazy fun challenge:

 And now my latest attempt (with one from Paper Issues):

So, are you ready to try out the Grab Bag Challenge for yourself?  Have fun and enjoy the unexpected burst of creativity headed your way!

I’d love for you to join me on Youtube and see more of my crafty adventures!

Keep smiling!

*No affiliation with any company or product! Honest opinions only, I pinky promise!*

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