DIY Embellishments ~ Stamped Ephemera

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One of my favorite projects is making stamped ephemera.  These fun and pretty little pieces sit in a bowl on my desk so that I can add them to layouts as I work.  Not only am I making good use of my stamps (which I otherwise forget about!), I am saving myself money that would otherwise go to buying prepackaged embellishments.

As you can see, I create a variety of ephemera pieces using stamps from my Felicity Jane kits and craft stores hauls.  I have a few different colors of ink and usually stamp on scrap paper or the white paper that comes in my albums.  By carefully cutting around the stamped shapes, I eliminate the white outline and often cut into the flower petals as well, giving them more texture and dimension.


This allows me to fluff up the butterflies wings and the flower petals, so they don’t just lay flat on my pages.  As a final touch, I add Nuvo drops in coordinating colors to the centers of the flowers and the bodies of the larger butterflies.  This creates a 3-D effect to the ephemera and really make these pieces pop on your projects!


Here is a peek into this process in action:

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below or in my Facebook Group!  I also have a Youtube channel filled with process videos and other crafty tutorials.

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