Teaching Logic in Homeschool

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One of the many topics that I’ve enjoyed teaching to my children is Logic.  Using deductive reasoning to form a conclusion is a valuable skill, in my opinion, and I hope will serve them well in the future.  When I see the complicated issues that face our country every day, I feel compelled to prepare my children as much as possible to filter through the chatter and find the facts.  For now, however, I want to teach them basic reasoning and learning games are a great way to do that!

I’ve done a great deal of research about teaching logic and most of what I’ve found is worksheet based, which really isn’t our preference at the  moment.  Joseph, in particular, is not a fan of worksheets…or writing in general for that matter.  My twins are mostly nonverbal and too young for writing yet, so a hands-on option works best for us.


We decided to give this Smart Games Snow White Deluxe learning game a try because it can be used at a variety of levels, so it meets the needs of both our preschoolers and 3rd grader.  This game comes with a small house, figurines, a wordless story book (more on that later), and a visual instruction guide.

First Impressions

When opening the box, I was surprised by how small all of the pieces were.  Each figurine is roughly two inches tall, which Snow White about two and a half inches.  However, I was impressed with the visual instruction guide because it’s self-explanatory without words.  That’s extremely helpful because at 4 years old, my twins cannot read.

The instruction guide has four levels of difficulty:  Starter, Junior, Expert, and Master.  I started with the twins at the very beginning and helped them set up the house according to the picture in the book and then asking them where Snow White goes.  They could pretty quickly figure out that she fit into the remaining slot.

As you continue through the book, the difficulty increases incrementally, so that your child is challenged, but not frustrated.  That was extremely helpful for working with Joseph because he is very intelligent, but impatient with learning new things.  Once he understood the instructions, he moved pretty quickly through the Junior section and on to the Expert.

file-1 (1)

Mastering the Game

When he completed an Expert puzzle, he challenged me to the highest level Master puzzle.  At this level, the instructions push deductive reasoning heavily.  In the picture below, you begin with the setup in the larger picture.  Then, your instructions say that the red and orange dwarves must be together, the blue and purple dwarves must be together, and the orange dwarf cannot be in a blue space.


So, I showed him how I figured out that the red twin dwarves and orange dwarf had to be in the green space, and the blue twin dwarves and purple dwarf had to be in the blue.  They can only fit one way, which is really helpful for kids this age.  Only one solution will work and that solution is pictured on the back of this page, so the child just flips it to check their work.  Joseph was quite impressed that I “mastered” this game on my first turn.

Once we’d finished several rounds of the game, the twins decided to play with it on their own.  They created their own logic puzzles and explored the details of the little house, discovering the that windows open and they can see the figurines through them.


Sophia was the most actively engaged with this game and continued playing, trying new puzzles for most of the afternoon.  She made it through the Starter level and most of the Junior level before deciding she was done.  Any learning game that keeps kids that involved is a winner in my book!

Final Assessment

Overall, I really like this game and have already begun the search for more of them!  Joseph specifically requested one with cars, so he will likely find that under the Christmas tree this year.  After seeing the girls handling the figurines, I’m happy with their size.  Manipulating these figurines into their slots exercises their fine motor skills and encourages control of those skills.

I want to make sure I include this fantastic little wordless story book that was included in the game.  It tells the story of Snow White and the 7 Dwarves in a comic book style.  This is brilliant, in my opinion.  As this game is primarily targeted to Preschoolers, adding in a story that they can “read” independently and decode it’s story line from the pictures alone is a fantastic feature.


*The Snow White Deluxe game was provided by Timberdoodle for review, but our opinions are 100% our own.*


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