What Are Pocketless Pages?

Raising Kids to Read-Pinterest (2)If you aren’t familiar with this new style of scrapbooking yet, you’re not alone!  It’s just beginning to make its rounds in the trendy circles of Project Lifers!  Are you ready to try out this new trend for yourself?

Let’s dive in!  So, what exactly are Pocketless Pages?

My definition of Pocketless Pages is essentially a Project Life style without the divided page protectors. Using the journaling cards and photos in a grid-like format and attaching it to a 12×12 piece of paper.  This style can be as simple or as complicated as you like.  You can choose your favorite combinations of 3×4, 4×6, and/or 2×3 styles from Project Life and recreate them on a 12×12  or 9×12 layout or get really crazy and collage style the whole thing!

Here’s an example of a simplified and clean version of Pocketless Pages:


In this version, I took a themed pocket page kit and used the 4×6 and 3×4 cards along with several 3×4 photos and put together a pretty basic layout with clear definition and what I consider a more traditional Pocketless Page style.  You may notice that this is not the format of any pocket page protectors.  That is the beauty of this Pocketless style!  No restrictions of little pockets and never being frustrated with missing the one page protector style you need.

This layout is in a more free-form Pocketless Page style:


For this layout, I again took a pocket page kit and used the cards along with 4×4 and a 2×2 photo and collaged together a Pocketless Page layout.  I especially like the ability to put nontraditional shapes and sizes on these layouts, but still keep the distinctly separated elements.  In this free-form style, I’m able to use more 3-D embellishments as well because I am not restricted by the pockets.

To learn more about the two layouts that I have pictured, you can find the specifics of the products used in each of them here:  First Birthday Pocketless Page and #Twins? Pocketless Page.  I also have a Youtube video further explaining Pocketless Pages and showing a few more examples:

So, on top of greater creative license, another great feature of this Pocketless Pages style is that it saves you money!  Not having to purchase a variety of page protector styles from a limited number of companies is definitely helpful to your scrappy budget!  And, for those of you who like that Project Life weekly layout, you can absolutely do them this way too!  This scrapbooking style is extremely flexible and open-ended, getting those creative juices flowing!  And, just think how much nicer those 12×12 or 9×12 pages will turn and lay flat in your binders as well, unlike pocket pages that fold in weird ways.

So, what do you think?  Let me know in the comments below your take on this style.  Are you interested in giving these Pocketless Pages a try?  If you do, be sure to tag your layouts on Instagram with #pocketlesspages or post them in my Facebook group so I can see your awesome projects!  Good luck in your crafty endeavors friends!

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