Painting Kindness Rocks

Painting (and hiding) rocks is a popular hobby in our area. We’ve found several and re-hid them for others to find. Chloe asked to paint her own, but we just hadn’t gotten around to it. So, when our local craft store offered a Painting Kindness Rocks event, we decided to give it a shot!

I researched the process and it is relatively simple:  find rocks, clean, paint, and seal them. Once dried, they can be hidden. We planned to pick up some rocks from our local landscaping store and using craft-grade acrylics or buy a pre-made kit to try out.  I don’t mind investing in a hobby so long as the interest is strong.

Chloe and Joseph were excited to paint, but were a bit frustrated with the setup when we arrived as they offered us polished, decorative rocks to paint, which didn’t accept paint very well. There was no sealant offered either, so we purchased that in hopes it would help…it didn’t.  The kids did their best and were able to make several awesome rock art paintings, but unfortunately the paint flaked off soon after the sealant was dry. I know they were a little disappointed, but we hid the rocks anyway and hopefully someone will find them! The idea behind painting Kindness Rocks is fantastic. I love to encourage my kids to share joy with others whenever the opportunity arises.

I was especially impressed with Chloe’s Spongebob characters and Joseph’s ninja turtle! I helped Joseph letter messages onto his monochromatic rocks. If not all of the paint flakes off (though I do not have high hopes) they will still look sort of cool when others find them.  I love the idea of the small, blank slate though!  It’s much less intimidating to paint a rock the size of your hand than a blank canvas. Chloe was fun to watch, her creative process is amazing.  She would pick up a rock, turning it around and say, “This looks like Spongebob” and then inspiration took over.  I had to giggle when her brother informed her that two of them looked more like Pac-Man ghosts (he was right!)

Overall, it was fun to meet up with some new people and despite the challenges with the materials, Chloe and Joseph had a blast playing with paint.  We even exchanged info with a fellow homeschooling family! We will definitely paint rocks again, but next time, it will be with regular rocks and allowing a great deal more time for drying before handling. I recommend you try this craft at home and be sure to tell me how it turned out in the comments below!

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